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How to choose a suitable PE tarpaulin?

As an important step to protect the goods, the tarpaulin needs to be carefully selected. But there are so many types of tarpaulins on the market, how to choose? When choosing a tarpaulin, you must not only look at the price but also consider the tear resistance, waterproof performance, abrasion resistance, and other aspects of choosing the most suitable tarpaulin.
1. Appearance
The first thing to pay attention to is the raw material of the tarpaulin, which is fundamental to the quality of the tarpaulin. The good tarpaulin has a bright color.
2. Odor
To check whether the tarpaulin has a pungent smell, a good tarpaulin has no irritating smell.
3. Feel
A good tarpaulin is smooth in appearance, soft and resilient.
4. Anti-aging agent
Because polyethylene can chemically react with ultraviolet rays in light and oxygen in the air. Therefore, adding other functional additives such as anti-UV additives and antioxidants to the plastic tarpaulin not only improves the original advantages of the plastic tarpaulin but also delays its aging speed and greatly prolongs its life.

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Post time: Jan-09-2023