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How To Choose High Quality Safety Net?

Safety Net is a kind of anti-falling product, which can prevent people or objects from falling, to avoid and reduce possible injuries. It is suitable for high-rise buildings, bridge construction, large-scale equipment installation, high-altitude elevated work and other places. Like other safety protection products, safety net must also be used according to safety operating procedures and performance requirements, otherwise they will not be able to play their due protective role.

According to relevant regulations, the standard of safety nets should be as follows:

①Mesh: The side length should not be larger than 10cm, and the shape can be made into diamond or square orientation. The diagonal of the diamond mesh should be parallel to the corresponding mesh edge, and the diagonal of the square mesh should be parallel to the corresponding mesh edge.

② The diameter of the side rope and tether of the safety net should be twice or more than that of the net rope, but not less than 7mm. When selecting the diameter and breaking strength of the net rope, a reasonable judgment should be made according to the material, structural form, mesh size and other factors of the safety net. The breaking elasticity is generally 1470.9 N (150kg force). The side rope is connected with the net body, and all knots and nodes on the net must be firm and reliable.

③After the safety net is impacted by a simulated human-shaped 100Kg sand bag with a bottom area of 2800cm2, the net rope, side rope and tether shall not be broken . The impact test height of various safety nets is: 10m for horizontal net and 2m for vertical net.

④ All ropes (threads) on the same net must use the same material, and the dry-wet strength ratio is not less than 75%.

⑤ The weight of each net generally does not exceed 15kg.

⑥Each net should have a permanent mark, the content should be: material; specification; manufacturer name; manufacturing batch number and date; net rope breaking strength(dry and wet); validity period.

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Post time: Sep-29-2022