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How to choose the right marine rope?

When selecting a marine rope, we need to consider a lot of complex factors to get the most suitable mooring ropes.

1. The high breaking strength should meet the standard when in actual application.
2. Considering the density of the mooring rope relative to the water, we should judge whether the rope is floating or submerged, then can customize it according to the requirement.
3. When considering rope extension properties, we should make ensure that the rope selected is suitable for the application.
4. The tightness, structure, and feature of wear resistance should be attention.

In addition, the ropes have a limited service life, which is usually related to the material of the mooring ropes, the frequency, and the method of usage. The usual service life is 2-5 years.

When the old marine ropes need to be replaced with new ones, how do we choose high-quality ropes that are safe, reliable, and have a long service life?

Special attention should be paid to the selection of materials. The tension and wear resistance of ropes are different for different materials. If you are worried about the excessive wear of the ropes when it is dragged on the deck, you need to add a layer of nylon, UHMWPE, or polyester, to the outermost layer of the ropes to increase wear resistance. Through this treatment, it can increase the service life of the ropes, usually by 1 year.

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Post time: Jan-09-2023