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How to choose the right non-woven fabric?

Non-woven fabric is a very common plastic cloth and is used in various occasions, so how to choose the right non-woven fabric? We can consider the following aspects.

1. Determine the use of non-woven fabrics
First of all, we need to determine what our non-woven fabric is used for. Non-woven fabrics are not only used for handbags and luggage accessories, but also can be used to make environmentally friendly packaging bags, non-woven fabrics for packaging and storage, furniture and home textiles, craft gifts, agricultural weed control mat, forestry and gardening, non-woven fabrics for shoe materials and shoe covers, medical use, masks, hotels, etc. For different purposes, the non-woven fabrics we need to purchase are different.

2. Determine the color of the non-woven fabric
The color of non-woven fabrics can be customized, but it should be noted that each manufacturer has its own non-woven fabric color card, and there are many colors for consumers to choose from. If the quantity is large, you can consider to customize the color per your requirement. Generally, for some common colors like white, black, etc, we usually have available stock in warehouse.

3. Determine the weight of the non-woven fabric
The weight of the non-woven fabric refers to the weight of the non-woven fabric per square meter, which is also equivalent to the thickness of the non-woven fabric. For different thickness, the feeling and lifespan are not the same.

4. Determine the width of the non-woven fabric
We can choose different widths according to our own needs, which is convenient for later cutting and processing.

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Post time: Jan-09-2023