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How to choose the right shade sail?

The sun shade sail is a large fabric canopy that hangs in the air to provide shade. It is the most cost-effective solution for yards without large trees, and with the shade sail, you can be outdoors in the summer without any worry. Compared to awnings, shade sails are a quick and inexpensive solution and, importantly, easy to dismantle and install, making them suitable for everyone.

Shade sail helps to block UV rays and keep the outdoor area at a suitable temperature of 10-20 degrees. Choosing the shade sail with a breathable fabric helps the breeze move the hot air away quickly. Shade sails can be used not only in the courtyard but also in the field environment with accessories.

1、Shape and configuration
Shade sails come in a variety of colors and different shapes, the most common being rectangular, square, and triangular. White shade sails will block more UV rays, while triangular sails are the most ornamental. There is no fixed way to hang a sunshade sail, but the basic principle is to hang it at an angle, which facilitates the slipping of rainwater and makes it easier to form beautiful lines. Two or more non-equilateral triangles are the most beautiful combination.

2、Waterproof performance
There are two types of shade sails, standard and waterproof. Most waterproof shade sails are generally achieved by the coating on the fabric, and continuous rain will have condensation and leakage. The advantage is that it allows the outdoor area to stay dry. If you have solid wood or fabric furniture or tables, it is more practical to choose waterproof models, and it is a pleasure to sit outside in the drizzle and enjoy tea and conversation.

3、Daily maintenance
Once you have installed a good shade sail, it is easy to remove it. It is usually installed in spring when the sun starts to get hot and is taken down in autumn. If there is extreme weather such as strong wind and hail, make sure to remove it in time. Just rinse it off with water when it gets dirty. Other than that, little additional maintenance is required. But the site must be far away from the grill and grill chimney, electrical wiring, and other safety hazards.

4、Material and construction
The common shade sails on the market are PE(Polyethylene), Oxford cloth, polyester, and PVC. As for the waterproof shade sail, oxford cloth coated with glue is the most durable, but very heavy; PVC rainproof cloth is easy to break sometimes although with 100% waterproof; polyester shade sail with PU film can be a good choice due to its moderate weight and good waterproof feature, the disadvantage is that the coating is thin, water or heavy rain will have condensation and leakage.

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How to choose the right shade sail

Post time: Jan-09-2023