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What is the plastic safety warning net?

The safety warning net is one of the geotechnical products. It is not only lightweight per unit area but also has excellent mechanical properties. The safety warning net that has been thermally stretched longitudinally into a square grid and then stretched horizontally, in addition to the obvious improvement in mechanical properties, also has a smooth mesh surface, strong and unbreakable, fine and smooth, uniform mesh, anti-aging, corrosion resistance, good flexibility, and other good characteristics.

Such products are widely used in engineering construction, roadbed protection, warning fences, snow fences, etc.

At the construction site, the warning net can remind pedestrians and vehicles to avoid it, prevent interference for the workers, ensure the normal and smooth progress of the construction, and prevent the construction from hurting pedestrians.

In dangerous places such as ponds, the warning net can warn pedestrians of the danger ahead, avoid pedestrians entering by mistake, and effectively prevent accidents.

In places such as snowfields, the warning net can prevent pedestrians, vehicles, and animals from entering, reducing the risk of accidents.

All in all, the plastic warning net plays an important role in reminding, admonishing, and prompting, so as to avoid danger and accidents.

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Post time: Jan-09-2023