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How to choose the high-quality building construction net?

The building construction net is generally used in construction projects, and its function is mainly for safety protection on the construction site, especially in high-rise buildings, and can be fully enclosed in construction. It can effectively prevent the falling of various objects on the construction site, thereby producing a buffering effect. It is also called "Scaffolding Net", “Debris Net”, “Windbreak Net”, etc. Most of them are in green color, and some are blue, gray, orange, etc. However, there are many building safety nets on the market at present, and the quality is uneven. How can we buy qualified construction netting?

1. Density
According to international standards, the construction net should reach 800 meshes per 10 square centimeters. If it reaches 2000 mesh per 10 square centimeters, the shape of the building and the operation of the workers in the net can hardly be seen from the outside.

2. Category
According to the different application environments, the flame-retardant construction net is needed in certain projects. The price of flame-retardant mesh is relatively high, but it can effectively reduce the loss caused by the fire in certain projects. The most common-used colors are green, blue, gray, orange, etc.

3. Material
Based on the same specification, the much more bright for the mesh, the better quality it is. As for the good flame-retardant construction net, it is not easy to burn when you use a lighter to light the mesh cloth. Only by choosing suitable construction mesh, we can both save money and ensure safety.

4. Appearance
(1)There must be no missing stitches, and the sewing edges should be even;
(2)The mesh fabric should be woven evenly;
(3)There must be no broken yarn, holes, deformation and weaving defects that hinder use;
(4)The mesh density should not be lower than 800 mesh/100cm²;
(5) The hole diameter of the buckle is not less than 8mm.

When you choose the building construction net, please let us know your detailed requirement, so that we can recommend the right net for you. Last but not least, when using it, we should install it properly to ensure the safety of personnel.

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Post time: Jan-09-2023