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How to choose the right baler twine rope?

The quality of the hay-packing twine is very important to the knotter machine, especially the softness and uniformity. If the baler twine does not match the knotter machine, and the quality is poor, the knotter machine will be broken easily. High-quality baler twine can be used on different types of baler twine machines perfectly.
1. Uniformity
Generally, the hay packing rope is uniform in thickness, and the higher the uniformity, the less likely to break during use.
2. Elongation
After the rope is stretched and broken, for the elongation of the packing twine, the higher the elongation, the better the toughness of the rope.
3. Breaking Strength
Within the elastic limit of the rope, the better the tensile strength, the stronger and more durable the packing twine, which can effectively improve the quality and efficiency of bundling.
4. Weight per unit length
The lighter the weight per unit length, the more convenient to use, and the less wear and tear on the baler.
4. Joints
The baler twine without joints will cause less damage to the knotter machine.
5. Length
The longer for the baler twine, the easier it is to use, and the higher the baling rate.

Selection and consideration:
During the selection process, the appropriate hay packing rope should be selected according to the actual situation, the weight of the bale, and the model of the baling equipment, so as to improve the bale output rate and reduce mechanical failures. In the application, it should also be noted that the bale should not be too tight or too heavy when baling, which may easily cause distortion and deformation of the baler, breakage, and wear of the parts, and may also cause the bale rope to break.

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Post time: Jan-09-2023