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How to choose the right bird netting?

Bird net is an effective plastic netting used to prevent bird damage to crops, but choosing the right bird netting is the only way to provide effective protection. You can choose the most suitable bird protection netting from the following aspects.

1. Quality.
The quality of bird nets is directly related to the economic benefits. A good bird protection net has a bright appearance and no odor and can be used for more than 3 or 5 years.

2. Mesh hole.
For some small birds or small sparrow protection, the commonly used mesh is 1.9cm x 1.9cm, 2cm x 2cm; for some large birds, big sparrows or pigeons, the commonly used mesh is 2.5cm x 2.5cm or 3cm x 3cm; there are also individual areas using 1.75cm x 1.75cm mesh or 4CM x 4CM mesh, this should be chosen according to their actual situation (the size of the bird).  

3. Width and length.
We should choose the appropriate width according to the actual use of the area, as for the length, it can be cut according to the actual use.

4、Net mesh shape.
When the net is pulled apart for use, and seen from the length direction, the mesh shape can be divided into the square mesh and diamond mesh. The square mesh is convenient for laying the net, and the diamond mesh is convenient for wearing the side rope, and there is no big difference in practical use for the two mesh shapes.

5. Color.
There are various colors of anti-bird nets on the market, try to pick bright colors in the color, bright colors are more conspicuous under the sunlight, and can attract the attention of birds so that birds do not dare to approach the orchard, to achieve the effect of protecting the orchard. Commonly used colors are black, dark green, green, white, brown, red, etc.

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Post time: Jan-09-2023