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How to choose the right strapping belt?

Before buying a suitable packing belt, we should fully consider the following aspects:

1. Packing volume
The packing volume is the number of bundled goods per unit of time, which is usually calculated by day or hour. We choose the baler to be used according to the packing volume and then choose the corresponding packing belt according to the baler.

2. Packing weight
We need to choose the appropriate packing belt according to the weight of the product to be packed. Different packing belts have different breaking tensions. Commonly used packing belts are PP packing belts, PET plastic-steel packing belts, etc. Choose the packing belt according to the weight of the packaged goods, which is more cost-effective.

3. Cost performance
After determining the type and specification of the packaging belt to be used, we also need to select a good-quality packaging belt to avoid cracking and deformation during transportation, which will affect the packaging effect and cause safety problems; in terms of price, the price is too low or lower than the market. The cheap packing belt should be carefully selected when purchasing to avoid problems such as low tension and easy cracking of the purchased belt.

Purchasing skills:

1. Color: High-quality packing belts are bright in color, uniform in color, and free of impurities. Such packing belts are not doped with calcium carbonate and waste materials. The advantage is that it has high strength and is not easy to break during the packaging process.

2. Hand feeling: The high-quality packing belt is smooth and hard. This kind of packing belt is made of brand-new materials, the cost is saved, and it will not cause any big damage to the machine during use.

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Post time: Jan-09-2023