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How to choose high-quality PVC canvas?

PVC waterproof canvas is a waterproof or moisture-proof canvas processed by a special process. The main component of PVC coating is polyvinyl chloride. So how to choose the good waterproof canvas?

1. Appearance
High-quality waterproof canvas has very bright color, while inferior waterproof canvas has no gloss or very dull luster.
2. Peeling degree
High-quality waterproof canvas has a clear texture on the surface of the cloth due to the good fusion of the glue and the cloth, and it is difficult to scrape off the surface.
3. Feel
High-quality waterproof PVC tarpaulin feels soft and smooth without any rough feeling. Inferior waterproof canvas feels thick and rough.
4. Wear resistance
The high-quality waterproof canvas is very careful in the proportion of materials. After rubbing on the ground or other hard objects, it can also play a good waterproof effect. Inferior waterproof canvas materials are not properly proportioned, and the tensile force is not strong. It is prone to breakage and poor wear performance. It will be damaged after friction on the ground and cannot be used normally.

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Post time: Jan-09-2023