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How To Choose High-quality Shade Net?

Shade Net can be divided into three types(mono-mono, tape-tape, and mono-tape) according to various types of weaving method. Consumers can choose and buy according to the following aspects.

1. Color
Black, green, silver, blue, yellow, white, and rainbow color are some popular color. No matter what color it is, good sunshade net must be very shiny. The black shade net has better shading and cooling effect, and is generally used in high temperature seasons and crops with lower requirements for light and less damage to virus diseases, such as cultivation of green leafy vegetables which including cabbage, baby cabbage, Chinese cabbage, celery, parsley, spinach, etc. in autumn. .

2. Smell
It is only with a little plastic smell, without any peculiar smell or odor.

3. Weaving texture
There are many styles of sunshade net, no matter which kind, the net surface should be flat and smooth.

4. Sun shading rate
According to different seasons and weather conditions, we should choose the most appropriate shading rate (usually from 25% to 95%) to meet the growth needs of different crops. In summer and autumn, for cabbage and other green leafy vegetables which are not resistant to high temperature, we can choose the net with high shading rate . For high temperature-resistant fruits and vegetables, we can choose the shade net with a lower shading rate. In winter and spring,if for antifreeze and frost protection purpose, the sunshade net with high shading rate is better.

5. Size
The commonly used width is 0.9 meters to 6 meters(Max can be 12m), and the length is generally in 30m, 50m, 100m, 200m, etc. It should be selected according to the length and width of the actual coverage area.

Now, have you learned how to choose the most suitable sunshade net?

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Post time: Sep-29-2022